Every organisation, while they can use standard ways of operating, must ultimately create something unique to their circumstance to get work done in a way that brings meaning and purpose.

Laurie Ruettimann
HR Blogger and Author

The above quote captures a new philosophy and mindset for the leadership of People functions, as do the leaders who were interviewed in this year’s global Future of HR report.

Traditionally HR has not always been given a seat at the table when it comes to strategy and creating the new organisation. However, rapid accelerations in challenges like workforce shaping, the skills gap and hybrid working have thrust HR leaders into a unique position where they are now firmly charged with charting the new way forward in their organisations.

This report shares the lessons and stories from the people leaders around the world who have been interviewed over the past several months. The core message is about building something unique, smart, and enduring that has heart and soul. Something that will survive and thrive in both the current and foreseen waves of disruption.

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