Many people in Ireland traded office life for remote work at the onset of the pandemic; and many now favour their WFH arrangements. Now that many organisations are returning to the office in varying degrees, the competing preferences  are giving rise to new and evolving hybrid workforces. 

The future of work isn’t cut and dry. It’s an evolving landscape of work from home (WFH) teams, in-office professionals, digital nomads, and flexible preferences.

Demands for hybrid work models exist in virtually every industry. Even sectors with a significant onsite, in-person requirement (e.g., construction, brick-and-mortar retail, food and hospitality, etc.) have roles that can be performed remotely on a full or part- time basis. As a result, employers of every stripe face the challenge of adapting to a hybrid model.

A successful hybrid workforce – Our playbook

In this hybrid workplace guide, we explore the steps to designing, building, and managing a successful hybrid workforce. We also outline a people-centric approach for reopening physical workplaces and discuss the value of planning ahead for this blended future of work.

There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to this new way of working. The hybrid workforce is a fast- moving landscape with evolving leading practices that our specialists will continue to address and discuss with you in the months and years to come.

Access our playbook for full insights on designing, building, and managing a successful hybrid workforce. We are also interested to hear of your experiences, please get in touch with our team to share your stories of navigating the challenges of the future of work. 

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