In Q1 2021 KPMG Corporate Finance conducted its Irish Real Estate Lending Survey.

The survey provides insights on prospects for real estate lending in Ireland, as well as market metrics and lending terms available.  

With the exception of an expected softening of appetite for asset classes directly impacted by COVID-19 (retail and hospitality in particular); it is apparent from the survey findings that, at the time of publication, the initial uncertainty created by COVID-19 has largely subsided. Lenders are positive about the Irish real estate sector with survey participants expecting their real estate lending exposure in Ireland to grow.

About the survey

The survey provides some interesting insights on:

  • Sentiments and prospects for real estate lending in Ireland;
  • Lender geographic and asset class preference; and
  • Market metrics and terms available.

In addition to real estate finance the survey also includes some insights from our in-house real estate and sustainability experts.

For further information and insights on the Irish real estate lending landscape, or to discuss specific real estate opportunities please contact Hazel Cryan of our Real Estate team. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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