2020 presented various and multi-faceted challenges, not just in Ireland but globally. The asset management industry was confronted with COVID-19 related asset price volatility and operational risks including the abrupt advent of remote working.

In spite of these headwinds, the Irish Asset Management Industry had a successful 2020. At November 2020, there were 7,903 funds and assets under management totalling over €3.2 trillion, of which UCITS structures represent 4,882 funds and €2.4 trillion assets under management.

Our guide was compiled by analysing over 200 publicly available financial statements of UCITS companies (including 2,290 sub funds with assets under management of €1.8 trillion). It offers a broad overview on board composition and directors’ remuneration and we hope that it is a beneficial benchmarking tool.

We note winds of change in the Asset Management industry relating to diversity.

Male/female split

For director appointments during the year (per 2020 analysis), 49% of independent directors appointed were female.

Board composition – male/female split

Age profile

The average age of a director on a company board was 57. The average age for a male director was 59 and a female director was 51.

Board Composition – Age Profile of Directors


Most companies had directors of at least two different nationalities. 130 companies had two nationalities on the board and 54 companies had directors with three different nationalities.

Board composition - nationalities of directors

Average remuneration

The average remuneration of directors continues to be €40,000 to €60,000 for the company as a whole.

Average remuneration of directors

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