The Central Bank of Ireland’s proposals to introduce an Individual Accountability Framework and the Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR) will present several additional challenges for financial institutions and their senior executives.

Although the timeframe for implementation is yet to be announced, it is crucial that firms take this opportunity to take stock of their current position, to address gaps, to enhance governance structures and transform existing operations to drive resilience and better outcomes for customers. 

Watch our webinar below on the actions you can take now to meet Individual Accountability with particular reference to the Fit and Proper Regime and SEAR requirements in Ireland.

KPMG has the depth of experience in supporting firms with implementing accountability regimes in the UK and Australia and in this webinar we use global insights and lessons learned to demonstrate the practical steps that you can take now to address complexities that your organisation may need to consider: 

  1. Regulatory Expectations;
  2. Cross border implications; 
  3. Legal implications; and
  4. Operational Resilience.

We also provide an overview of our Accountability Manager tool which provides a bespoke technology enabled compliance solution, both for those responsible for implementing and maintaining Individual Accountability compliance and those individuals directly affected by it.

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