How can we help you take advantage of Ireland’s leading position as a hub for the establishment and servicing of securitisation structures?

The aftermath of the financial crash saw the radical transformation of the global regulatory framework. There was an international effort to improve the resilience of financial institutions, regain investor confidence, and enhance the overall financial system. However, this new regulatory framework presents significant challenges for the structured finance market – but also opportunities. Ireland capitalised on this opportunity and is now the leading European jurisdiction for the establishment and servicing of securitisation structures.

We promote a better understanding of the sector and structured finance industry a key role of ours. We want to emphasise both the benefits and the potential pitfalls of the industry, as well as develop original ideas for the future.

Our experience covers:

  • Asset Management linked vehicles
  • External financing
  • Intra-group financing
  • ABS / RMBS / CMBS / NPLs
  • Direct lending
  • Other securitizations

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