Gunarani Ganasagaran

Associate Director, Sustainable Futures

KPMG in Ireland

Gunarani has been with KPMG for over 8 years. Prior to joining the KPMG Sustainable Futures team, Gunarani worked across KPMG member firms in Malaysia and South Africa, leading project teams for various local and international sustainability advisory and assurance engagements for clients across Asia, Africa & Europe.

Gunarani’s current role comprises assisting clients in developing sustainability strategy, sustainability & integrated reporting, conducting supply chain and environmental/social audits, multi-stakeholder engagements, materiality assessment, and impact reporting for large corporations from a broad array of industries.

  • Integrated Reporting
  • Sustainability assurance and reporting
  • Sustainability strategy development
  • Chemical Engineering Degree

  • Master’s in Management

  • Food & Agriculture

  • Real Estate

  • Aviation

  • Infrastructure