In accordance with ‘The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021’, we have published our Gender Pay Gap Report 2022.

As a firm we’re committed to being transparent about our progress towards building a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable business. As a key part of that commitment, we published our gender pay gap (GPG) as part of Our Impact Report in advance of the legislation and have been taking steps towards greater gender equity in our firm.

Our 2022 mean gender pay gap is 6.9% and our mean gender bonus gap is 13.9%. Our pay and bonus gaps are largely driven by the fact that we have more men in the most senior positions and with greater tenure than women. It is also as a result of certain areas of the business that are historically male-dominated.

As part of our wider Inclusion, Diversity and Equity plan, we’re taking action to narrow our gender pay gap. Our Gender Equity Action Plan has four strategic pillars: leadership and accountability; targeted and practical supports; inclusive policies and procedures; and supporting gender equity in the community, which we outline in our Gender Pay Gap Report.

We are making progress in this area, but there is still work to be done. We are committed to achieving gender equity in our firm and will continue the work we have started towards this aim.

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