When it comes to selling a business, a successful strategy requires a well-planned, focused sale process. Our professionals are forward-looking specialists with a broad range of skills, deep industry expertise, and a view on the future, to help you stay in front of the issues and avoid loss of value. From helping you understand the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture to supporting you in minimizing value leakage, we assess your situation and support your negotiating position to maximize the sales price and execute the deal with minimal disruption to the business.

Our team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions through the critical stages in planning and executing sale processes:


  • Exit options: What are the strategic exit options to maximize value
  • Evaluation: What sales price can be reached?
  • Timing: Is this the right time to sell?
  • Preparing for exit: How to prepare for the exit?


  • Value proposition: How to formulate an attractive investment story to the potential buyers?
  • Information content: What information need to be provided to enable bidders evaluate the opportunity?
  • Buyer universe: How to find non-obvious potential buyers?
  • Communication: How to introduce the deal opportunity to potential buyers?
  • Confidentiality: How to protect sensitive information?
  • Buyer selection: Which potential buyers should be invited to dig deeper into the business?
  • Data Room: What should be presented in the data room and how is it possible to avoid information leakage during the due diligence?
  • Process management: How to maintain competitive pressure on potential buyers?
  • Selecting the winner: How to identify the best offer? Does only price matter?
  • Negotiation: What is the most effective way to negotiate with the selected bidder?
  • Transaction documents: How to avoid disadvantageous SPA terms leading to erosion of shareholder value?

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