Business leaders agree that data generated and stored in systems is a significant part of a company’s assets. Recognising the importance of this, more and more organisations are turning their attention to exploring this for more efficient operations and to obtain competitive advantages, yet for the majority of companies there is still a lot of untapped business potential in their organisational data assets. Whether it’s detecting and predicting warning signs or performance feedback methods, automated reporting is the way to make these things happen smoothly.

The range of BI tools now not only serves the information needs of senior management through regular and automated reporting, but also effectively supports analysts, product managers, marketing, risk management and operations. What is more, it can even create a common platform for collaboration between departments in a fact-based framework drawing on the principle of truth and accepted by all.

Reporting solutions today are available for companies of all sizes that transpose the vision of data-driven operations into day-to-day practice, be it strategic, planning or operational tasks. Our End-to-End services provide expert support at every stage of data management, collection, transformation and final data visualisation after identifying business needs.

Our solutions

BI Implementáció, Kiterjesztés, Átvilágítás, Tréning

BI implementation, extension, due diligence, training

In addition to implementing a classic business intelligence solution (which includes a business needs assessment, architecture design, data model design and development, reporting, etc.), we can also help conduct due diligences of existing business intelligence solutions. During the process, we highlight the causes of any reporting slowdowns (by examining data models, data transformation steps), and we also touch upon issues such as access rights management, version tracking and documentation.

During BI training, participants gain insight into the concept of business intelligence, the basics of data modelling, as well as data visualisation and reporting. In addition to theoretical knowledge, they mainly learn about one of the most widely used data visualisation tools – Microsoft Power BI – through practical exercises and examples. By the end of the course, participants acquire skills such as: cleaning and transforming data for analysis in Power Query, modelling and presenting data, knowledge of the DAX language, and using Power BI Service and Desktop confidently. 

Geolokáció-alapú adatelemzés

Geolocation-based data analysis

As a result of geolocation-based data analysis, we are developing a Power BI dashboard based on data collected from multiple sources and suitable for various business uses. In the solution, our team uses data sources such as geolocation movement data, publicly available POI data, or the client’s internal data sources. This allows us to focus on a wide range of use cases, such as the appeal of a particular location, customer segmentation, optimising operations and the impact of COVID on customer behaviour. The service may also include data collection from websites and publicly available sources, data cleansing and transformation, data modelling and data visualisation. 

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