Process mining is a Finance Process Reengineering (FPR) technology that enables companies easily capture information from source systems and provides an accurate picture of how processes are performing. The goal of process mining is to turn event data into valuable insights and actions.

It helps identify any fractured points in the organization's workflow, uncover inefficiencies, saving costs by shortening lead times, removing unnecessary steps, having less rework, optimizing resource allocation.  

Enhanced Finance Process Reengineering (EFPR) is a customised solution provided by KPMG.

  • Time consuming
  • Only happy-flow mapped
  • Evidences collected and examined manually
  • Conducted through long interviews
Traditional Finance Process Reengineering
Enhanced Finance Process Reengineering with Process Mining
  • Automated data extraction from databases and various source systems
  • Each possible scenarios presented
  • Holistic view
  • Enhanced root-cause analysis
  • Visible cross-functional effect

How does Process Mining work?

How does Process Mining work?



Benefits of choosing Process Mining Solution


Objectivity and quick reaction time, transparent visualization.


Short and tiered implementation option, detection of automation opportunities.


Technological and financial business knowledge is combined to enable data-driven decision making.


Process improvements can be implemented based on the provided insights from process mining.

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