Organisational efficiency, productivity, agility, scalability: KPMG’s experts work to help their clients successfully achieve their goals along these lines, whether it is cutting costs or error rates, the standardised and quicker execution of business processes, more effective internal controls, reduced response times or increased availability.

We are familiar with several technology solutions that we are able to implement and integrate comprehensively, taking industry-specific requirements also into account.

Parallel to providing expert assistance in identifying and prioritising the right business processes and selecting the relevant technology solutions, KPMG experts support our clients at each individual phase of the project, including planning, assessment, implementation, configuration and operation, or, if need be, workshops and training, to help develop the organisation’s technological competencies or operating models.

Key services

Robotizált üzleti folyamat automatizálás
No-code/ low-code alkalmazás és munkafolyamat fejlesztés

Robotic Process Automation

(Robotic Process Automation/ RPA és Robotic Desktop Automation/ RDA)

Our professionals are able to implement the solutions of multiple technology suppliers in a sustainable, scalable, safe manner in a variety of sectors. We lay special emphasis on designing the right operating model and processes with our clients, along with the relevant toolkit for the technology and the governance and KPI reporting methods. We can intervene at any point of the development lifecycle, be it to support competence or capacity requirements. Additionally, we maintain continuous partnership agreements with these technology suppliers, so we can satisfy the licensing needs of our clients.

No-code / low-code application and workflow development:

We can support our clients by meeting their application development needs quickly and cost-efficiently with modern tools like the Microsoft Power Platform. Our business analysts and UI/UX experts are able to coordinate, model and design different business needs so that our developers can deliver the desired applications using either the classic waterfall or agile approach.

Beépülő Microsoft Office automatizálások
Automatizálhatósági potenciál felmérése/ digitális transzformációs tanácsadás

Built-in Microsoft Office automations:

In many cases, automating workflows in Microsoft Office with Microsoft’s own plug-ins can be a practical solution. These tools provide cost efficiency and easy implementation. When developing these individual solutions, we pay special attention to long-term, sustainable and appropriately documented operability.

Assessment of automation potential/digital transformation advisory:

Business leaders are in an extremely difficult situation when they want to navigate between various technology solutions: which will be the best to solve their problems the most effectively and efficiently? Our experts are able to select and evaluate the right technologies for a specific problem or the business process review of an entire functional area, thus facilitating informed decisions.

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