Whistleblowing system

According to the law on whistleblowing, companies are obligated to operate an internal whistleblowing system starting from July 24, 2023. Through this system, employees, contractual partners and other affected parties can report unlawful actions or misconducts they have experienced, even anonymously.

*The deadline for employers with 50-249 employees, as per the general rule, is December 17, 2023.

Developing a whistleblowing system

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  • Our aim is to develop a sustainable whistleblowing system for our clients that comply with Hungarian law
  • Develop the guidelines and processes (e.g. whistleblowing policy, data privacy documentation) necessary to operate the whistleblowing system.
  • Where an existing whistleblowing system is in place, KPMG will conduct a gap analysis to assess the compliance and effectiveness of the current system.
  • We will present best practices such as in-house communication methods or educational workshops.

Whistleblowing system managed services

  • Our aim is to take off all the burden of running a whistleblowing system from our clients and to operate a user-friendly and secure system that meets their expectations
  • We provide an easy-to-implement IT solution to receive, assess and categorize whistleblowing reports as agreed with the client, ensuring complete independence.
  • We provide expert recommendations for further action based on real experience.
  • On request, we will prepare reports on the activity of the channel and on the number and quality of reports, as agreed with the client.
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Managed service process


  • Our aim is to investigate cases professionally, in accordance with strict ethical standards, and effectively.
  • We will either conduct the entire investigation or support certain elements of it, in addition to making recommendations on the reports received.
  • We will professionally gather, analyze and document the relevant facts and provide expert assistance to support any further proceedings, all in a confidential manner.
  • We provide legal, technical, financial and other expert advice on the necessary action to be taken in relation to the reports.

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