Audit is KPMG’s most long-established business function. More than 90,000 audit specialists work on our client engagements in 143 countries around the world. Our work is based on the trust of our clients and the rest of the busine ss community, which was built on the high-quality work, professionalism and business integrity of our colleagues and the professionals who have gone before us over the past 150 years. We have been operating in Hungary for 33 years, and since then we have been embodying these quality and professional standards – and expecting the same from all our staff.

Our ambition is simple: to remain the most trusted and trustworthy also client-focused professional service provider. This goal cannot be attained without delivering the highest quality audits and we need to constantly innovate. Additionally, we perceive the twin goals of trust and growth to be responsible growth. We only work with clients and business partners who share these va lues, and who care – as much as we do – about transparent, trustworthy and legal bus iness operations and unquestionable professionalism.

We prepare this transparency report every year to give the chance to find out for yourselves, to learn about the professional cornerstones of our work, how we operate, under what international and Hungarian regulatory controls and frameworks , how we ensure professional development and quality, and how we meet our environmental, social and governance objectives and commitments in the interests of sustained growth.

Reports from previous years