Range of products subject to Electronic Public Road Transportation Control System notification temporarily expanded

Range of products subject to Electronic Public Road Tra

As a part of the Hungarian Government’s package of measures aimed at more widespread checks of construction products, some construction goods are now subject to the EKAER notification process, which creates more administration for taxable persons.


Government Decree 403/2021 (VII.8) expands the range of construction products subject to EKAER notification – only for the duration of the pandemic emergency. This means that the products listed in the annex of the decree (pebbles, gravel, broken or crushed stone (CN code 2517), certain types of cement (CN code 2523, 3816), certain wood materials, fibreboards, plywood, oriented strand boards (OSB), builders' joinery and carpentry of wood (CN codes 4407-4415, 4418, 4421), specific insulation materials (CN code 6806), flat-rolled products of iron, steel, wires, pipes, copper and aluminium products (CN codes 7208-7214, 7216-7217, 7219-7223, 7225-7229, 7301, 7408, 7411-7413, 7608-7609), prefabricated buildings from wood (CN code 9406)) will be subject to notification for this period. The difference from the products requiring notification so far is that there is no associated risk collateral payment obligation here. On the list affected by the change there is one product [pebbles, gravel… (CN code 2517)] that previously required EKAER notification, but no risk collateral payment has to made here either now.

The amendment entered into force from 9 July 2021, and as a result, from that date until the end of the pandemic, two lists of products requiring notification must be taken into account: the products listed in Decree 51/2014 (XII.31) NGM previously in force, and the products defined in Annex 1 of Government Decree 403/2021 (VII.8).

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