Think like a start-up - 2017 Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey

Think like a start-up - 2017

How to grow in a disruptive market


Our fifth annual Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey reveals that 35 percent of respondents have experienced growth of 6 percent or more a year. This is great news for them. But for manufacturers and retailers across the globe to achieve comparable – or better – results, the key is understanding that growth is as much a mindset as a market condition. Companies that manage change by becoming customer centric throughout their operations can accelerate growth.

Businesses need to use data and analytics wisely to understand their customers. The pace of social, economic, technological and environmental change is only going to accelerate, and adapting to it – being agile – is key. The bigger you are, the tougher it is to be agile, but there is a real opportunity for those who dare to lead the pace of innovation. Companies that evolve, innovate and truly understand their Millennial employees and customers will likely succeed, be they old or new, large or small.

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