Hidden growth within family businesses

Hidden growth within family businesses

While family businesses are focused on growth, many of them stay discreet about their success, rarely appear on front pages, and continue to be an enigma.

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Our research, conducted by KPMG and European Family Businesses (EFB), is based on the reflections of prominent family business owners in eight European countries: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The report seeks to shed light on some frequently asked questions regarding family businesses, including:

  • What does success mean for them, and what is their ultimate strategy: stability; growth, or profitability?
  • What drives their success, and what are the inherent barriers to growth?
  • When growth is at stake, how do owners choose the right strategy and align the interests and needs of both family and business?

Please see the full report (PDF 1.4 MB) for further details.

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