CRO Survey 2016 – Chief Risk Officers’ role in creating value

CRO Survey 2016

Our latest CRO survey, that summarises the opinions of banking and insurance Chief Risk Officers, show a growing trend in risk-awareness and in the importance of the role of CROs in the financial services sector.


About the survey

In the context of KPMG Tanácsadó Kft.’s CRO Club, following publication of the 2012 edition we have undertaken a survey of chief risk officers (CROs) in the banking and insurance industry, querying their views on risk management in Hungary and market trends.

The questions posed can be grouped into four broad categories:

  • role of the CRO at institutional level,
  • general role of the CRO at sectoral level,
  • available resources and skills,
  • general market trends.

Participants comprised 26 CROs, spread evenly between banks (13) and insurance companies (13). The respondents included small (9), medium-sized (9) and large (8) institutions. The majority of respondents completed the survey in 2015.

We compared these responses with findings from the 2012 survey of banking and insurance industry CROs conducted by KPMG Tanácsadó Kft.

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