As the popularity of ESG social factors continues to grow, the issuance of bonds for social purposes is also showing a gradual increase at global level. These bonds have recently become a growing part of sustainable bond issuances. The market for bonds that finance socio-economic progress, food security and affordable housing, among other things, is still emerging in Hungary, so we help our clients navigate in this market, providing support in defining appropriate social objectives, transparency and compliance.

Key services:

  • Supporting the choice of financing method to suit business objectives,
  • Preparing a cost-benefit analysis of financing options,
  • Developing a proprietary bond framework in line with the ICMA Social Bond Principles,

Our services for the financial sector:

  • Collation of regulatory incentive expectations to support sustainable finance, organisation-specific materiality analysis
  • Collation of data collection and reporting requirements related to sustainable financing frameworks, support of process integration
  • Review of sustainable finance process, support for internal audit

Services according to the letters E, S and G

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