ESG aspects are increasingly appearing on the agendas of legislators and policymakers. Whether as a dedicated or horizontal aspect, sustainability forms part of the design and implementation of programmes, be they EU or Hungarian-funded initiatives. Climate policy also affects businesses. KPMG’s Government Strategic Requirements Framework (GSRF) methodology provides a framework for the vision-driven planning of government policies, strategies and concepts, aligned with public-sector requirements.

Main steps in the process for supporting government strategy development:

  1. Current state analysis (sector analysis, legislative and policy environment, institutional environment, horizontal issues, SWOT, identification of ESG links),
  2. Objectives (vision and target state, strategic paths and alternatives, hierarchy of objectives, system of indicators),
  3. Implementation (tools, regulation, funding),
  4. Evaluation and monitoring.

In addition to strategy development, we also support our government clients with preparing, designing, implementing and evaluating EU and other programmes, legislative changes and reforms in the environmental, sustainability and social fields. Our clients include the European Commission Directorates General (DG REGIO, DG REFORM, DG COMP, DG GROW), EU agencies (EISMEA), as well as national ministries and authorities in Hungary and other European Union Member States.

Key services:

  • Programme evaluation (preliminary, interim, retrospective);
  • Impact assessment (preliminary or retrospective assessment of the impacts of development programmes or other initiatives and legislative changes, using counterfactual methods or other modelling frameworks);
  • Supporting programme implementation (decision support, monitoring, risk management, quality assurance);
  • Preparing studies to support decision making.

Services according to the letters E, S and G

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