Our experts support our clients in designing their real estate strategy, taking technical, economic and ESG aspects into account. We propose optimal real estate solutions based on the company’s business strategy, even thinking decades ahead. Among the ESG aspects, primarily the environmental and social parameters can be examined, which depends also on the ESG preference of the given company.

KPMG’s ESG real estate strategy service is delivered by integrating the expertise of the ESG team.

Main steps in strategy development:

  • review of architectural, functional and financial parameters of the existing real estate portfolio
  • understand existing business and ESG goals and strategy
  • create an ESG-optimised real estate scenario
  • set up an economically and commercially optimal real estate scenario
  • seek the optimal solution between the two scenarios according to the strategic objectives of the company
  • proposal for an ESG real estate strategy, with several conceptual options where possible

The main focus areas for analysis are:

  • E (environmental) aspects: energy consumption, embodied energy, useful life, construction waste, location optimisation (indirect environmental impacts)
  • S (social) aspects: employee satisfaction, working environment parameters, potential impacts on the surrounding area
  • G (governance) aspects: strategic decisions, process control, dialogue intensity (communication)
  • Compiling architectural programme in line with the current operation
  • Assessing real estate implications of business strategy
  • Technical condition and expected renovation (CAPEX) needs of existing and alternative real estate
  • Market value, rents and operating costs of existing and alternative real estate
  • Total Cost of Occupation to compare rental and ownership options

Content of report:

  • Analysis and main analysis conclusions on real estate, business strategy and ESG objectives
  • Comparison of optimal scenarios for ESG and economy/business with existing real estate
  • Presentation of refined scenario and its main aspects
  • Proposal for a real estate strategy (several options if possible)

Services according to the letters E, S and G

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