Integrating ESG criteria into corporate governance mechanisms for sustainable and more profitable long-term operations.

Corporate governance taking ESG aspects into account aims to ensure that the company’s operations can support the attainment of ESG objectives in the most effective way, in line with the corporate strategy, and in compliance with all applicable rules. This enables us to identify risks effectively and achieve business goals by enhancing corporate reputation.

Parts of the service:

  • Assessing corporate governance to identify potential risks and shortcomings, based on relevant legislation, industry standards and best practices. Evaluating the G (governance) dimension in light of strategic objectives, based on the requirements and scoring systems of rating agencies.
  • Developing proposed measures based on the findings to prevent and mitigate risks and improve corporate governance.
  • Implementing the proposed measures.

KPMG integrates ESG aspects into the existing value proposition of the organisation. Among other things, this value proposition includes the following service areas:

  • reviewing and developing the organisational structure, responsibilities and related competences based on ESG and other aspects
  • designing and reviewing corporate governance mechanisms (internal policies, controls, reports) and support systems, taking ESG criteria into account
  • reviewing and optimising performance and incentive schemes – developing a green value proposition
  • designing organisational processes and related performance indicators, and optimising them based on ESG aspects
  • developing organisational aspects of the ESG strategy, change management, employer branding and internal communications support

Services according to the letters E, S and G

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