“E2E” support by transforming ESG funding:

  • Providing assistance and expertise in transforming a company’s financial processes so they provide long-term and effective support to the ESG reporting system that fits the entity’s profile, including meeting reporting requirements, backtesting strategic objectives and monitoring investment progress. Our aim is to integrate processes across the organisation to ensure efficient data reporting and digitalised information flows, while maintaining a secure and quality control environment.
  • Practical assistance in the actual transformation, going beyond translating the ESG report into financial language and financial metrics. The transformation leverages the cross-disciplinary role between financial functions and business units to seamlessly link ESG information as a planning and analytical organisation, providing detailed and timely insight into changes of plans. A well-established financial organisation sees data on sales, the supply chain, customers and other areas in a way that – once built into day-to-day business processes – helps immediately with assessing ESG performance.

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