We provide a full-scale service to our clients on all issues related to renewable energy and energy efficiency regulation:

  • Analysis and development of regulations associated with Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EKR), identification of business opportunities
  • Analysis and development of regulations related to the Renewable Energy Subsidy System (METÁR) and other renewable energy support schemes
  • Support for all regulated activities related to renewable energy production: licensing, price regulation
  • Transposition of Clean Energy Package into Hungarian law, and compliance therewith
  • Implementation of legislative changes related to EU Green Deal
  • Other regulated services: review of fair market competition (SMP)
  • Market monitoring services: data collection, reporting activities
  • Network tariff regulation
  • Issues related to regulation of the district heating sector

Services related to the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS): strategies, forecasts.

Services according to the letters E, S and G

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