ESG can affect the whole company, and often has a transformational impact on the way an organisation operates. Successful implementation of an ESG transformation project requires the use of modern programme management methods for planning, implementing and monitoring. KPMG has extensive experience in the methodological design of transformation programmes, supporting their implementation with modern, tried-and-tested tools, expertise verified by our clients, and makes the progress visible for management and owners with key performance indicators in line with international and domestic circumstances.

KPMG has significant experience in programme and project management as well as programme and project quality assurance, taking part in a number of new system implementation and transformation projects, including in the energy, telecommunications and financial sectors. Our team of experts is well versed in how to manage the risks associated with transformation programmes and projects, and is able to assess the issues and risks inherent in implementation from both a programme management and ESG expert perspective.

We tailor our PMO and programme management services associated with the implementation of ESG transformation programmes to the needs of our clients, helping to develop PMO, programme or project operational frameworks for waterfall and agile projects, or a combination of both project management methodologies.

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