We believe that we can maximize our social and environmental impact with corporate responsibility. The principle of our actions is sustainability, which is also part of our corporate culture.

The goal of our corporate responsibility (CR) strategy is to ensure that responsible thinking penetrates all of our business decisions and activities. Our strategy incorporates the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provide a framework for describing and measuring our impact on society and the environment. Our governance structure ensures that corporate responsibility is managed on a strategic level and integrated into the overall operation of the company. Our CR manager is responsible for developing and implementing our corporate responsibility strategy, and reports directly to the National Senior Partner and coordinate the work of an internal working group, in which all business areas and seniorities are represented.


Focusing on sustainability, life-long learning, inclusion and diversity, we make a valuable contribution to our communities through volunteering.

As part of our Responsible Society Program, non-profit organizations can apply for donations and KPMG pro-bono services. We support the economic and financial education and career planning of young adults through own events and sponsored initiatives. Within KPMG, we support bottom-up voluntary activities under the “CReators” program. Our colleagues can dedicate three working days per year to volunteering, including centrally organized professional pro bono jobs as well as individual initiatives supported by the company.

Some examples of our community programs:

  • KPMG Responsible Society Program
  • KPMG CReators - employee volunteering programs
  • Programs for improving economic and financial education
  • KPMG Cyber ​​Day – education of cyber safety and conscious Internet usage
  • Mentoring startups with climate innovation ideas
  • Corporate donations
  • Employee donations
  • Participating in Mikulásgyár volunteering program
  • Blood donation

Our People

Focusing on diversity, health and well-being, we aim to provide an open, innovative and inspiring working environment to our people, and maintain our Employer of Choice status.

Regular health & well-being events, general health check-ups, supporting sport activities (such as KPMG football and basketball teams participate in business leagues or our colleagues can sign up for yoga classes).

KPMG supports its runners, who can enter individually or as a team in various running races in Budapest in KPMG blue t-shirts. Our audit teams are also regular participants of the NN Ultrabalaton running competition.

Some examples of our employee programs:

  • KPMG Health Days – organizing health & wellbeing events, focusing on general health check-up and on raising health awareness among staff:
  • Support for team sports, KPMG Sports Day, yoga classes
  • KPMG Diversity Day – organizing diversity awareness programs
  • KPMG Wellbeing Program - activities supporting mental health and wellbeing (coaching, consultation opportunities, wellbeing trainings)
  • Blood donation
  • Support for volunteering, opportunity to join pro-bono work for non-profit organizations

Business Partners

We incorporate a sustainable development approach into our services and draw our clients’ attention to aspects of corporate responsibility. We regularly review our suppliers from a CR perspective. We also encourage our partners to enforce the aspects of strategic corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Here are some examples of our programs involving our business partners:

  • Aspects of corporate responsibility and sustainability in our services
  • Supplier audits
  • Sustainability services
  • Participation in professional organizations


Since 2010, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 45% by implementing energy-efficient measures and using our info-communication tools more consciously. Our office building is “BREEAM Very Good level of green building” certified. We also reduce the load on our environment by implementing new green solutions to our vehicle fleet, making our office paperless and using modern info-communication tools.

Our key actions include:

  • KPMG International Green Initiative and Report
  • Green office building
  • Green vehicle fleet
  • Green IT
  • E-audit
  • Recycling
  • Environmental awareness programs

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