KPMG offers payroll accounting as part of our bookkeeping services or a separate service.

Our approach to payroll accounting is to provide you with more than just monthly salary calculations. We offer comprehensive solutions, including advice in payroll related tax, labour law, and HR matters. 

KPMG specialists with extensive experience can help you with your day-to-day payroll matters. We provide flexible solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses from small start-ups to large established corporates. Our thorough understanding of the local market is combined with extensive experience in payroll accounting of multinationals and posted workforce. We have rigorous control processes to help ensure that we provide the highest level of accuracy possible. We use secure software solutions to keep your payroll data confidential. 

Addressing your needs

  • We do your payroll accounting (wages and salaries, bonuses, holiday pays, sickness benefits, termination benefits and final settlements, withholdings, declaring funded pension contributions) and send you the payroll files.
  • We send payroll related reports to your employees and external users of information (e.g. Statistics Estonia).
  • We communicate with the Social Insurance Board.
  • We do the reporting (payroll reports, payslips, TSD reports to the Tax and Customs Board, payroll statistics reports).
  • We work with business software Taavi Palk, but are also ready to do the payroll accounting using any other software you might prefer.
  • Our payroll professionals hold relevant certificates and receive regular training in payroll accounting and changes in legislation. Where necessary, we consult with specialists from other KPMG services.