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The third edition of the KPMG Ghana Banking Industry Customer Experience (BICX) survey was conducted between May and August 2022. The publication includes insights from the retail segment as well as insights from CX practitioners, SMEs and corporate clients across the 23 banks in Ghana. 16 Customer Experience (CX) practitioners were surveyed and focused interviews were conducted to gain further insights into CX in Ghana’s banking industry. The study covered 1,820 retail customers, 200 SMEs and 106 corporate institutions.

Banking Industry Customer Experience Survey 2022

More than ever before, getting customer experience right creates an enduring competitive advantage not just for banks but all service providers whether in the private or public sector. For financial services providers, it is a critical success factor, especially going forward, as business and operating models have been disrupted. In light of this, expectations have been heightened exponentially as customers expect their best experiences to be replicated irrespective of industry.

Customers now also prefer to patronise brands that align with their values in line with their changing priorities. Hence, it is important for banks to keep ESG at the heart of their operations as sustainability is now top of mind for many.

Additionally, with remote working arrangements becoming normalised coupled with an accelerating digital agenda, convenience has become deeply embedded in the lives of people. As the digital momentum grows, cyber threats also continue to persist and banks are left to find a fine balance between meeting customers’ needs and keeping their money safe.

Digital maturity for organisations is now a must have in today’s world. In fact, a customer strategy must go hand in hand with a digital strategy in order to meet and exceed expectations. Ultimately, building a customer-centric organisation is what all business leaders should aim for.

The insights from this report will help you rethink your approach to customer experience. I encourage you to reach out to us for further insights.