KPMG 2021 Global Cyber Day

International Cyber Security Awareness month

Cyber Security Awareness

Earlier this month KPMG Ghana participated in the Global Cyber Day program.  The program coincided with International Cyber Security Awareness month, an internationally recognised campaign that promotes cyber security among organisations and the public and provides resources to be more secure online. This initiative was of particular importance to KPMG as our core focus of our corporate citizenship is focused on students and education.  More than 60 countries and territories in addition to Ghana participated in the initiative this year. As a leading provider of Cyber Security Consulting Services, Strategy and Operations and IT Advisory in Risk Consulting amongst other IT and Cyber related services, KPMG helps organisations to manage and protect against cyberattacks. The Cyber Day initiative enabled us to go beyond the corporate world and share knowledge with young children, parents and teachers in our communities. The primary objective of this initiative was to educate young people on the importance of cyber security and to empower them to create a trusted digital world.

This year, KPMG Ghana delivered presentations to over 300 students across various schools within Accra - namely: Soronko Academy, East Airport International School, Golden Age School, Roman Ridge School and Eunicharles International School.  The KPMG Cyber Day Presenters gave virtual and physical presentations to the students on safe use of social media, online identity protection, cyber bullying, online gaming and cyber threats. The students expressed their concerns and personal experiences with cyberattacks and cyber bullying amongst other online interactions they encountered and were thoroughly engaged.  They also shared their thoughts on cyber security and what they felt the biggest threats online were, whilst taking away key learnings on how to stay safe on the internet. 

Overall, it was a great success, the schools commended the firm for their commitment and knowledge sharing and the team is looking forward to next year’s Global Cyber Day initiative which promises to be bigger and better than this one.

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