KPMG invited to speak at The Ghanaian- German Economic Association

Navigating Current Economic Challenges in Ghana

The Ghanaian-German Economic Association

On 2nd February 2022, KPMG was invited by The Ghanaian- German Economic Association to participate in a virtual forum themed Navigating Current Economic Challenges in Ghana.  The purpose of this forum was to discuss the economic overview of the new year to their members and business community to help them plan for the year accordingly.

Other invited guests included Dr. Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey, (CEO, Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications), Mr. Yofi Grant (CEO, GIPC) and Mr. Julius Aweya Kantum (Sector Commander, Tema collection-GRA) amongst others.

Gordon Dardey represented KPMG and gave the first address.  He spoke on the topic Taking Advantage of the 2022 Budgetary Provisions to Overcome Business Challenges.  He covered various topics, namely: Key Economic Indicators, Key Opportunities in the 2022 Budget, Tax and Other Revenue Measures, Key Business Challenges and Key Investment Opportunities.  He also spoke on the importance of ESG and shared how ESG compliant entities are more resilient in the face of crisis and attractive to investors.

Overall, members enjoyed the session and found his discussion on ESG insightful.

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