ICAG Accountants Week Celebrations

Accountancy and Accountability, Transforming Africa’s Economies

ICAG Accountants Week Celebrations

In May 2022, KPMG sponsored the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana) Conference.  The theme for the week was Accountancy and Accountability, Transforming Africa’s Economies.  The conference brought together over a thousand delegates made up of CEOs, professional accountants in industry and commerce, policy makers, legislators, senior civil servants, economists and academics amongst others, to share ideas and discuss matters of national interest.

The week commenced on Saturday 21st May with a Health Walk and was followed by a Thanksgiving Service the next day. 

On Monday 23rd May, a Press Conference was held at The Fantasy Dome where the Press were given a recap of events, activities and webinars that took place over the past year.  This was followed by the conference registration for ICAG Members.

On Wednesday 25th May the opening ceremony started with a speech by the ICAG Chairman, Professor William K. Atuilik, which dwelled on the 7 aspirations and goals of Agenda 2063 that was started in 2013, which is the blueprint for transforming Africa’s Economy by the AU and the readiness of accountants in helping to achieve this goal on a national level. Professor Atuilik’s speech was followed by the guest speaker Professor Dr. Abdallah Ali-Nakyea. He spoke on the future of accounting, sustainability accounting and accounting technologies as well as the benefits of technology in accounting.

The opening ceremony was followed by various presentations in the afternoon and the AWAG Night celebration in the evening which was used to induct the new AWAG executives.  During the AWAG Night, Evelyn Addico gave a talk on ‘The Self-Confident Person, The Role of Good Grooming’.  Her speech covered ways to gain self-confidence and how good grooming has an impact on personal brand. She highlighted the benefits of good grooming which includes: Makes one feel good, makes one adaptable in any environment, makes a good impression and makes one productive.

The second day of the conference included a talk on Cybercrime, lectures on various topics and ended with a health talk.  The week ended with ICA voting (where Dr. Cynthia Sallah and Mrs. Patience Dzikunoo won the votes for Female Member of Council and Member of Council respectively) and a night of dancing at the dinner dance.

Overall, it was an eventful week and we look forward to ICAG week next year.

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