Many organizations are re-evaluating their business models in response to economic uncertainty, sanctions, and increasing business complexity. At KPMG Law, our lawyers work in integrated teams alongside KPMG tax and deal advisory professionals to provide comprehensive solutions. We bring together all the necessary components to create end-to-end solutions that address these challenges.

We specialize in structuring and implementing business or group changes, enabling organizations to adapt, remain relevant, and maintain a competitive edge. Our services cover various areas to support our clients in their reorganization planning, including:

  • International and domestic business reorganizations
  • Business reorganizations driven by regulatory requirements
  • Intra-group business and asset transfers
  • Legal entity rationalization programs
  • Companies' redomiciliations
  • Post-acquisition integration

Using offshore, EU, and US holdings to establish subsidiaries in Georgia has been a popular choice of structuring for entering the Georgian market. Together with our tax team, we have helped both local and international businesses optimize their holding and subsidiary structures to enhance their investments from a tax and legal perspective.