Protecting wealth and exploring legal mechanisms for private individuals is a paramount concern. To ensure the continuity of crucial assets and maximize benefits for heirs, business owners often engage in a range of legal arrangements, both domestically and in foreign jurisdictions. At KPMG Law, our experienced professionals are well-versed in advising individuals on leveraging these legal mechanisms to support their wealth management plans.

Through our global network of advisors, we assist clients in identifying the most suitable jurisdictions for preserving significant personal holdings, utilizing international trust structures or similar arrangements. Our expertise in non-profit and charity advisory also enables us to provide guidance in designing and managing charitable organizations.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, we help clients navigate the complexities of wealth protection, ensuring their assets are managed in accordance with their objectives. Whether it's establishing trusts, implementing asset protection strategies, or designing charitable initiatives, our team at KPMG Law is dedicated to assisting individuals in safeguarding their wealth and making a positive impact.

KPMG Law in Georgia has experience in assisting Georgian private individuals in optimizing their local and international business holdings. With the resources available in our global network, we have helped private clients restructure their foreign assets to increase the protection of their holdings in Georgia and abroad.