KPMG Law provides a full range of commercial and intellectual property legal advisory services. Our team has the competence and experience in drafting and assisting clients in a variety of commercial contracts within domestic and international supply chains, distributorship, and agency arrangements. We are capable of representing both franchisees and franchisors, helping them create additional value by establishing and managing various business synergies.

Recognizing the significance of technologies and innovation in commercial transactions, KPMG has accumulated extensive knowledge of domestic and international intellectual property protection regimes. We offer comprehensive IP law advisory services to local and foreign businesses, including conducting due diligence, facilitating patent and trademark registrations, as well as drafting IP licensing arrangements.

Georgia is part of the international IP protection legal framework by being a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This provides a number of opportunities for foreign businesses to invest in the IP sector in the country. Considering its strategic geographic location, membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the Vienna Sale of Goods Convention (CISG), the Georgian legal system is, in many aspects, harmonized with international best practices in the field of IP and sales law.

Our team has experience advising various clients on different IP and commercial transactions matters, including the design of contracts, risk assessment, and dispute resolution. Such experience includes IP rights due diligence as part of a legal due diligence project for energy, agriculture, banking, and industrial manufacturing business companies; representation of an architectural design company in Georgian courts; representation of a construction materials wholesaler in Georgian courts related to a trademark infringement case; representation in Georgian courts and full legal advisory of a software development company, etc.