Transforming your business services across the organization

By integrating different business services, you will gain a better view of your business performance across the company. Integrated business processes and IT systems, automated processes and the resulting cost savings enable your business to achieve its fullest potential. This is achieved by releasing your in-house resources from time-consuming, typically routine-like and non to low-value adding tasks to  value adding analytical activities – allowing everyone to focus on tasks where the real value lies.

Our Business Services Transformation team is here to transform your business services across the organization – whether it be Finance, HR, Tax, Procurement, Facilities, IT, sourcing, etc. 

Efficiency, quality and cost savings

Our experts work with you to identify your challenges and needs based on a thorough analysis. We will design the services that best contribute to your business performance, optimising and integrating your business processes and IT systems.

To this end we use standard operating models (processes, organizational structure, governance, Data and performance insights, technology insights) and corresponding supporting IT systems (configuration, test scripts, interfaces, etc.) which KPMG has developed and optimised for each business function. We will make sure your employees embrace the transformation and are able to navigate through it, and that you have the right people within your organisation to advise and maintain a constant dialogue with the business.

Functional Business Services transformation






tax transformation

In an ever-changing business environment, tax functions need to rely more and more on digitalization and comprehensive data management solutions to comply with growing tax authority scrutiny. 

Our tailored approach can help you to design and implement a leading tax operating model to manage tax risk, reputation, and compliance needs using KPMG’s Powered Tax methodology.

Our approach includes:

  • Establishing a clear tax vision and strategy aligned with business objectives of the wider organization.
  • Mapping out people, processes, and technology needs to create the right tax operating model for you.
  • Defining and documenting processes to manage tax risks and implementing a governance and control framework supported by data analytics tools.
  • Benchmarking your tax function and defining key performance indicators (KPI) to demonstrate success.
  • Assisting with how to communicate your tax position and comply with legislative and reporting requirements towards both local authorities and the public.

Your potential benefits:

  • Your get a future ready tax function with streamlined processes, supported by strong governance and controls.
  • Existing ERP systems are properly tax-sensitized and support faster and more accurate reporting, and forecasting.
  • Potential cost and resource savings through automation that reduce the time spent on consolidation and data analytics.
  • Clear business metrics aligned to your organization’s overall strategy
  • Compliance with growing regulatory pressures and reporting requirements 


 CFOs agenda for elevating finance

The CFO’s landscape is drastically changing. We are seeing increased demand from stakeholders  to deliver insights with an increasing speed and quality. The pace of innovation has ultimately resulted in a nearly continuous cycle, meaning integrating technology, data, and people are extremely important.

Navigating the market complexities requires  business services to address disruption head-on or risk being left behind by nimbler competitors. To stay competitive, executives are prioritizing investments in technology, data, and people to unlock new capabilities.

Elevating  your business services can  be best accomplished by a strategy based on five pillars:

  • Strategy and innovation
  • Digital acceleration
  • Data intelligence
  • Modern workforce
  • Dynamic risk management






KPMG has worked with HR teams around the world to deliver Powered HR to help them drive transformation, to add value and save costs. Powered HR does this by providing proven operating models based on our know-how, leading practices and a set of pre-defined assets built on top of leading third-party technology solutions. This creates a platform which helps HR to provide more value by supporting strategic people-related initiatives as well as continuously driving up efficiencies wherever possible.

The HR organization of the future may need to address:

  • Continuous focus on technology enabled efficiency gains for core HCM, talent management, pay & compensation
  • Wider people-related data aggregation from both inside and outside of HR, (e.g. sales data, employee attitudes etc.) to get a complete picture of performance
  • Dashboards, predictive analytics and other tools to deliver insight to senior leaders to make informed decisions
  • Techniques to support matching skills to tasks, not just people to jobs
  • An overhaul of HR Service Delivery Management to enhance the employee experience
  • Policy and collateral management to help support employee wellbeing

Powered HR can bring:

  • New efficiencies through robotic process automation
  • Accurate sentiment analysis by qualitative surveys
  • Employee experience that supports a positive customer experience
  • Increased business revenue by upskilling the workforce







Adopting a future ready approach for IT and implementing it is crucial to success in this modern digital age.

Powered IT is designed to support your transformation needs and to address challenges such as:

  • How do we deliver a market speed operating model?
  • How do we ‘think like a VC’ and invest dynamically?
  • How do we implement a flexible IT workforce whilst retaining and attracting key skills?
  • How do we turn data into an asset while reassuring customers about how we use their data?
  • How can we de-risk IT transformation and maximize return from cloud ITSM?

Choose to accelerate transformation.

With Powered IT you can benefit from:

  • A jump start to digital transformation of your IT function
  • Immediate access to leading IT practices and processes
  • Validated technology solutions with proven real-world usability
  • Reduced IT implementation risks and enhanced ROI 
  • High-touch change management and employee experience
  • A solid platform for continuing evolution and progress

Imagine your IT function with:

  • Greater automation of IT support
  • Better problem resolution and satisfaction
  • More IT time spent on business priorities
  • Reduction in legacy ITSM applications







For most firms, procurement is now global, complex and expensive to run – often with broken processes on legacy systems. Taking control and moving towards an integrated procurement function that acts with intelligence and insight can generate huge value. But this can be a daunting prospect.  KPMG Powered Procurement can help unlock the transformation of your procurement function. Reaching beyond cost efficiencies, it creates a more agile operation, using cloud technology, automation, predictive analytics and cognitive learning.

Choose to extend the role of procurement

We’ve worked with procurement teams around the world to deliver Powered Procurement to help drive transformation to create a more agile operation and save costs. Powered Procurement does this by providing proven operating models based on our know-how, leading practices and a set of pre-defined assets built on top of leading third-party technology solutions.

This creates a platform for procurement designed to enhance performance and optimize cost and risk, which could include:

  • An efficient out of the box operating model for Source to Pay
  • A seamless customer centric buying experience, increasing adoption and spend under management
  • Unlocking the value-add from supplier-led innovation
  • Forward thinking and transformative category innovation
  • AI driven insights and analytics to support business decisions
  • An adaptive and agile operating model for continuous improvement

Powered Procurement can help your function to deliver:

  • A modern digital procurement platform that helps you take control
  • A hyper-efficient workforce that is ready to embrace change to meet the demands of the future

Transformation to a true Global Business Services operating model

In today’s competitive market, organisations are transforming their global business services (GBS) function to deliver a resilient, agile and cost-effective service. The aim is to create an exceptional experience for both internal customers and GBS employees. Digital tools and platforms play a key role in achieving this.  

GBS can create a competitive advantage by bringing together data and knowledge from across the organisation, aligning business units and breaking down silos between the front, middle and back office.

Some prominent features define next generation business services:

  • A customer-centric service delivering business outcomes for GBS customers
  • Flexible and scalable model, a platform for business growth and performance 
  • Digitally enabled, embedding digital capability and adoption across the enterprise
  • An analytics and insights engine leveraging data from across the organisation  
  • A hub for enterprise transformation by prioritising and delivering transformation 
  • An empowered workforce operating with a digital mindset and reskilled to deliver next generation services 

Our framework can help you understand your maturity, identify value levers, define your ambition and develop a strategy aligned to your business objectives.

We can help design a service portfolio and operating model aligned to your customer expectations. Our powered assets provide a best practice framework to expedite the design of your processes and identify automation opportunities. We work closely with our Tax experts, helping you create tax efficient structures.

Your GBS organisation can be an engine for driving enterprise-wide digital transformation. KPMG can help you identify and deliver the right digital solutions for your GBS organisation and support you in building digital capability.

Defining the right employee value proposition (EVP) and culture is even more important in the new reality. We can help design an organisation, including roles and capabilities supported by a culture that encourages a digital mindset. Our global mobility services platform can help you plan for and track your virtual workforce.

Next generation GBS can leverage data and knowledge from across the organisation to support business in making the right decisions. We help clients design and implement their data, reporting and insight capability. We can also deliver these services via our managed services offering, which can be used as a short-term solution or an outsourced service.

Leading transformation partner for all your challenges

We at KPMG combine a unique expertise together ensuring your transformation will be a success. This requires strategic intelligence, deep insights in multidiscplinary functions, governance, risk management, process management, data modelling and technology. We are proud of our capabilities to act as a one-stop shop for supporting your organization in  this transformation. 

We have extensive experience in defining and implementing strategies and different projects across the broader finance function. Moreover, we work in a close collaboration with our Nordic and Global community of Business Services Transformation professionals.