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KPMG, for the second consecutive year, proudly announces its partnership with Helsinki Pride. As an official partners, we are dedicated to supporting equal rights in both the workplace and our society.

Our Pride Month's theme is come as you are. We want to build allyship inside KPMG so that our LGBTQ+ employees, among others, feel safe at work and are able to be themselves. We believe an inclusive culture, which values diversity leads to better decision-making, drives greater creativity and innovation, better meets the needs of our clients and is more motivating for our people. 

— At KPMG we live our values - Together for Better value demonstrates the commitment building more inclusive workplace together with our people, summarizes Hanna Niemi, Head of People, Performance and Culture. 

During the Pride month, we want to use the opportunity to continuously raise LGBTQ+ topics and Inclusion, Diversity and Equity themes into spotlight.

— KPMG has made clear progress in its IDE journey, and this is just the beginning - a lot of work is ahead. We are not doing it just for the sake of business even though most may believe so. We are doing it because it is the right thing to do and it is about time, highlights Toni Aaltonen (Head of Audit and Assurance), one of our IDE steering group members.

Creating a safe environment where everyone can embrace their true selves is a collective responsibility. Throughout this month, we will provide to our employees practical tips on being an ally, encourage awareness by challenging societal norms, and enhance our knowledge through training initiatives.