Pasi Koivunen has been appointed as the new CEO of KPMG Oy Ab

Kimmo Antonen will continue at KPMG Oy Ab as a Partner.

Kimmo Antonen will continue at KPMG Oy Ab as a Partner.

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After seven successful years Kimmo Antonen will be leaving the position of the CEO. During Antonen’s CEO tenure KPMG Finland’s revenue has more than doubled and the number of employees has significantly grown. KPMG Oy Ab would like to collectively thank Kimmo for his notable contributions to the success of the company. 

— It has been a pleasure and an honor to see and experience the growth of the whole group. In Finland we’ve more than doubled our revenue during the past seven years and all our different services have evolved into leading practices, with over 1800 experts in Finland and Estonia serving our clients. The end of September, also marking the end of our current fiscal year as well as the end of the ongoing strategy period, is a good moment to change the leadership of the group, says Kimmo Antonen.

— I would like to thank our people, clients and collaboration partners for the past years and congratulate Pasi and the board for their excellent choice. I also look forward to the beginning of the new fiscal year, when Pasi and I get to share the past experiences with the goal to strengthen our position in the chosen market areas, Antonen continues. 

Kimmo Antonen

Kimmo Antonen will continue at KPMG Oy Ab as a Partner.

Pasi Koivunen comes from a strong consulting and leadership background. Currently he is the Head of FS Advisory, focusing on helping our clients to reach their business goals and utilizing latest technological innovations. Before joining KPMG Oy Ab, he has been the Deputy CEO of Accenture Finland and also leading various consulting and technology businesses and organizations in Finland and in Nordics.

— I am excited to start building KPMG’s future and also bring on new insights to match our clients’ needs, including the opportunities provided by the new technology. KPMG is capable of supporting our clients on a wide scale starting from their business needs, based on our deep and versatile knowledge. Thanks to our local organization, we stay close to our clients while also effectively utilizing our global network. Client-centricity and the trust of our clients, best knowledge and high quality and creating added value are all matters that continue to be important to us, states Pasi Koivunen. 

Pasi Koivunen

Pasi Koivunen will commence the duties of CEO of KPMG Oy Ab from 1 October 2023.

Further information:

Esa Kailiala, Chairman of the Board, KPMG Oy Ab

Kimmo Antonen, Senior Partner, CEO, KPMG Oy Ab

Pasi Koivunen, Head of FS Advisory, KPMG Oy Ab