Sami joined as a partner at KPMG in October 2022. He focuses on the development of the financial services business in the banking and insurance sectors. In addition, Sami is responsible for KPMG's services related to financial services business and technology transformation.

Sami has strong expertise in the banking and insurance business, bank operational activities, and the delivery of system transformations through his development lead roles and Senior Vice President role where he was responsible for OP Financial Group’s development steering, development methodologies, process development and automation. He also has strong experience in consulting while working as CEO of OP & Accenture's joint venture. In addition, Sami has worked in various FS sector-related sales and client positions at Accenture.

Sami is an ambitious and courageous but flexible team player who believes in leveraging the strengths of every target-orientated individual aiming for a common goal. His key skills are customer relationships, strategy, business development, transformation, product management and software development.

You can reach Sami through LinkedIn. Read more about Financial Services in KPMG Finland.