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Our digital solution helps your company future-proof its supply chain

As supply chains extend to become regionally and globally focused, companies are faced with an increased level of dynamic changes and risks within their supply chain. Pandemics, natural disasters, geopolitical instability, demand variability, geographic and supplier specific challenges are all different kinds of events impacting global supply chains, resulting in potentially severe financial consequences.

To help companies predict and better manage these challenges and situations, KPMG has developed a predictive solution for supply chain performance and risk management. The tool is based on AI & Big Data and has the functionality of a Digital Supply Chain Decision Center.

Our solution uses advanced analytics to enable real time predictive analysis of emerging events, from financial, regulatory, operational, geopolitical, and natural disaster perspectives. The tool combines external and internal data to proactively manage events and risks, enhance/remodel network, and empower business planning processes.

Predictive Supply Chain Management – our solution:

  • Combines external and internal data to show real-time events, potentially impacting the supply chain.
  • Predicts future disruptions and recommends mitigation activities based on BCPs and financial impact & risk avoidance scenarios, through AI-based logic and advanced analytics.
  • Presents a holistic view of all products across the logistics network, from sources of component material to “in market” distribution centers.
  • Provides the ability to graphically represent the affected areas, highlight supplier and distribution centers effected, while also providing key information such as event risk ratings and prioritization, impacted sales based on events, the expected recovery time and recommended actions based on lessons learned and predictive analysis.
  • As the solution is hosted in the cloud, a Proof of Concept on a selected supply chain disturbance area can be conducted in a fairly paced manner.
  • User friendly and fairly simple to set up, as we can show predictions, business effects and develop network simulations without implementing anything into legacy systems.  

We have deployed the Predictive Supply Chain Management solution in various industries, making customers more prepared to manage future risk scenarios.

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