In the Meet KPMG People series, our versatile experts share their stories. This time you'll have a chance to explore KPMG from within, as our experts reveal their unique KPMG journeys.

At KPMG, we have several people who have rejoined the company after a period of working somewhere else.  Often the people who return have gained valuable experience “from the other side of the table” and broadened their horizons, which also means they can serve our clients in the best possible way.

In this edition, Alexandra Gallen shares her story.

Why did you decide to leave and return to KPMG?

— I started at KPMG in 2012 and worked as an auditor with different clients. In 2019, I wanted to try something else, to see things from the client’s perspective and thus, left KPMG. Having experience from the other side of the table is an advantage as one can better understand the client’s needs.

Alexandra Gallen

— I worked as a financial controller for a stock-listed company, primarily with group accounting and IFRS related tasks. However, roughly one and a half years ago ago, I got a call from one of my previous colleagues and she asked whether I would consider returning to KPMG. I rejoined the company and our audit team in 2022. I enjoy being an auditor, as the work is very versatile, and you get to connect with people. When I left KPMG back in 2019, my former team lead said in the farewell party speech that “Alexandra, when you come back to KPMG…”, so it made me confident that I would be welcomed back.

— Additionally, I found other good reasons to return to the company, such as opportunities to learn and develop myself, friendly and competent colleagues, and working with different clients and projects.

Could you tell about your second journey at KPMG?

— We have quite a lot of learning opportunities, which support your professional growth and help you to progress in your career. Recently KPMG offered me the opportunity to certify as an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Assurance Provider. I also work as a supervisor for more junior colleagues and coach them.

— Currently I work as an Authorized Public Accountant in different audit teams and have some of my own clients too. I work with diverse auditing tasks in small and large companies as well as in nonprofit organizations.

How do you experience the work-life balance in your field of work?

— Due to the nature of the work, the beginning of the year is always the high season especially for auditors working with listed companies. For non-listed companies, the schedule looks a bit different. Despite the high seasons, there’s still room for flexibility. Personally, I enjoy having a longer summer vacation with my children, that partially comes from working the extra hours during the high season. To me, this is an advantage and a chance to balance. 

What especially motivates you?

— I learn something new every day. In addition to this, having the chance to help the clients is essential to me. And it is also nice to share your knowledge with colleagues and audit team members.

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