In the Meet KPMG People series, our versatile experts share their stories. This time you'll have a chance to explore KPMG from within, as our experts reveal their unique KPMG journeys.

When one gets that spark for auditing, it can take you on a fulfilling and interesting journey. This is what happened to our Audit & Assurance colleague, Petra Pörnull.

How has your KPMG journey been so far?

— I started at KPMG in 2000, right after graduating from the business school. Initially, I worked in various audit engagements, and after some years I passed the Authorized Public Accountant (KHT) examination in 2005. 

— This autumn I have become a certified ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Assurance Provider. This certification gives the necessary skills and capabilities to carry out assurance of sustainability reporting according to relevant standards and criteria. It also helps to draw informed conclusions and provide recommendations for the improvement of a company's sustainable operations. Continuous skill development is motivating. Gaining the certification as an ESG Assurance Provider is a fascinating new area of expertise for me personally and for the audit profession generally.

riikka leppänen

— During my career I have primarily worked with the bigger clients in Audit & Assurance. Throughout my time at KPMG, I have gained more leadership experience and nowadays developing our people is fundamentally connected to everything I do. All in all, my role is a mixture of business, audit, and developing our people. In my opinion, my job is quite versatile, and that is what makes it interesting, Petra continues. 

— I enjoy working at KPMG and have stayed at the company for almost 23 years. Naturally, there is more than one reason to this. Firstly, the collaboration is powerful, and I like that we do things together, we have a common goal to serve the client in the best possible way. In other words, the collaboration practice is built into everything we do.

— Secondly, we have good people. Thirdly, I have stayed at KPMG, because we have an excellent way of treating people. Additionally, you can speak up and make your voice heard. Everyone can have a good idea. Great ideas come from both the junior and senior team members.

How do you experience the work-life balance in your work?

— I think the flexibility of working hours is important, especially when it comes to the parents of young children or younger colleagues still completing their studies. By offering a chance to work part-time for a certain period and the possibility to take time off for studying, KPMG aims to take the individual circumstances into account as much as possible. Flexibility goes both ways; sometimes, especially in the role of the auditor, people need to also be flexible and work extra hours during the high seasons.

— While KPMG supports hybrid working, many members of my team have found benefits in returning to the office. It enables the team members to support each other face to face and the balance between work time and free time also becomes more defined, when physically moving from one place to another.

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