In the Meet KPMG People series, our versatile experts share their stories. This time you'll have a chance to explore KPMG from within, as our experts reveal their unique KPMG journeys.

At KPMG, we have several people who have rejoined the company after a period of working somewhere else. Often the people who return have gained valuable experience “from the other side of the table” and broadened their horizons, which also means they can serve our clients in the best possible way.

Welcomed back with open arms

One of the rejoiners is Joonas Jokinen, who came back to KPMG in December 2022 after couple of years away. While working elsewhere he started to look more into cyber security, a field he had a keen interest on.

joonas jokinen

Having developed this expertise further, Joonas started to think he could use his newfound skills at KPMG. He knew his colleagues are wonderful and KPMG welcomed him back with open arms.

Joonas has worked for KPMG for seven years now. He is responsible for the Identity Management team focusing on Microsoft technologies. While working at KPMG he has gained more leadeship experience, and nowadays he supports more junior colleagues in their professional growth. Additionally, his role involves cyber security tasks.

How have your skills evolved at KPMG?

— My skills have evolved considerably at KPMG. I have developed my expertise especially in relation to coding, networking and integrations. In our team, we create processes, build product management, and implement systems that manage a person’s digital life cycle. I have also acquired expertise in the field of consulting.

— Training has played a vital role in strengthening my skills and the company has supported my learning. We have had different trainings:, some related to the processes and services, and others more linked to technical things. One of the most interesting trainings I’ve attended was Core Consulting Skills, a three-day training course in Copenhagen, Denmark. I learned many things about facilitating workshops and communicating with clients.

How is the flexibility of work at KPMG?

— I couldn't ask for more. I can work wherever it's most effective. Collaborative brainstorming usually works best in the office, but I prefer handling tasks that require concentration in my home office. Of course, for client meetings, I'm happy to come to the office or meet at the client’s premises. This flexibility makes my work quite versatile.

In a world of growing demand of IT specialists, what makes KPMG the place to be?

— First, we have great colleagues. Second, we have exciting projects. And, of course, KPMG is a great employer. In fact, I returned because people at KPMG are pretty awesome, and colleagues are just great.

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