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Markku Aro (Advisory), Juha Huuskonen (Audit & Assurance), Jaakko Järvinen (Tax & Legal), Jukka Karttunen (Audit & Assurance), Maike Leppik (Tax), Pauli Liiri (Tax & Legal), Assi Lintula (Audit & Assurance), Karoliina Nurmi (Tax & Legal), Timo Partanen (Tax & Legal), Jussi Paski (Audit & Assurance), Heidi Rantanen (Advisory) and Karoliina Tiainen (Audit & Assurance) have been appointed to Partners, with the new positions taking effect from 1 October 2023.

Pasi Koivunen,
CEO, KPMG Finland Group: 

- I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all our newly appointed partners on their wonderful achievement. Well done! 

Left to right top row: Jukka Karttunen, Maike Leppik, Jussi Paski, Jaakko Järvinen, Karoliina Nurmi, Markku Aro. Second row from the left: Karoliina Tiainen, Timo Partanen, Pauli Liiri, Heidi Rantanen, Juha Huuskonen, Assi Lintula

— Today’s changing world requires the capability to fully understand the client’s needs and ability to bring in valuable insights that lead to opportunities. These professionals have throughout the years demonstrated the drive and ability to support our clients in the everchanging market and operating environment and helped them to achieve new successes. They have been working shoulder to shoulder with our clients as well as leading by example within KPMG and developing our business and operations. We are proud to recognize these individuals for truly living our Values and for their contributions into building our joint future at KPMG, Pasi Koivunen adds.

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