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Kirsi Aromäki, Johanna Fagervik, Teemu Haataja, Calle Hollmerus, Heidi Hyry, Mari Kaasalainen,  Ari Kiuru, Juha Koivula, Jan Nyström, Liina Randmann (Estonia), Kati Rantanen, Petri Sammalisto, Lauri Tuomaala, Helen Veetamm (Estonia) have been appointed to Partners, with the new positions taking effect from 1 October 2022. 

— These outstanding professionals demonstrate commitment to the growth and development of KPMG and have proven themselves to be trusted advisors. They are exemplifying professional excellence, integrity, and what it means to live KPMG’s values, says Kimmo Antonen, CEO, KPMG Finland Group. 

Congratulations to our newly appointed Partners!

Left to right top row: Kirsi Aromäki, Teemu Haataja, Johanna Fagervik, Lauri Tuomaala. Middle row: Heidi Hyry, Ari Kiuru, Kati Rantanen, Mari Kaasalainen, Jan Nyström. Bottom row: Liina Randmann, Juha Koivula, Petri Sammalisto, Helen Veetamm, Calle Hollmerus

— Their appointments acknowledge the contribution each has made to our firm. Their role is recognised for our continued growth journey and our path committed to a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture and foster an environment of collaboration and innovation. 

— We are committed to supporting our clients to grow sustainably by developing the best technology-enabled solutions to respond to clients’ changing needs and their capability to adapt to the changing world, Kimmo Antonen adds. 

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