KPMG Finland hosted a two-day meeting during 29-30 August with leadership colleagues from KPMG Germany and EMA to enhance collaboration on our managed and priority accounts.

Close collaboration and trusted relationships are important to constantly improve competencies and to meet our clients’ expectations. International collaboration is an essential part of our work as practitioners at KPMG. We have ongoing collaboration with our German colleagues in a variety of client projects and insights sharing.

Cross-border collaboration is about KPMG giving the best solutions and insights to clients. The environment is constantly changing, and scenario planning and being “future-ready” is a key topic.

“We achieve a long-lasting impact by combining efforts and knowledge in a structured manner", says Andreas Glunz from KPMG Germany.

"By collaborating we also make sure that we are ready for the future. Topics such as sustainability, digitalization and compliance are big challenges where KPMG provides insights and guidance. Being truly global we bring insights for our clients’ benefits", comments Tomas Granvik from KPMG Finland.

Annika Tanttinen and the German colleagues have been working together to help our Finnish clients in major initiatives: “For me as a Global Lead Partner for KONE it’s essential to be able to provide my client with the best that KPMG can offer. Germany is one of our major practices with vast expertise and relevant skills and experiences. I have been privileged to work with many of our globally best people in wide array of future oriented topics such as growth and digital opportunities, ERP renewals, data management, and people.”

The German-Finnish team

The German-Finnish team