We condemn the Russian government’s military invasion of Ukraine in violation of international law.

Our world has changed overnight. We all are horrified by the war in Ukraine and of what we are witnessing now. There is deep sadness and disbelief. Our warmest thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, our colleagues and their families and everyone affected.

The KPMG network is committed to, and, actively working on, to support those most affected by the war. We are focused on the health and safety of our people and their families. KPMG International is working with our local firm in Ukraine and firms in the region to procure all necessary support we can offer to the safety of our people.

We at KPMG Finland are committed to make all efforts that we can to offer our best support to our Ukrainian colleagues and their families affected by this tragedy. This will include assistance needed for those, and, their immediate families, entering Finland or Estonia.

As a first immediate and collective response, KPMG in Finland and Estonia will donate 50 thousand euros to the children of Ukraine through Unicef and will challenge all the KPMG Partners and our +1 500 employees to make a personal donation they see appropriate.

In addition to our people, we work closely together with our clients to advise and help them through the challenging times we are facing now and what lies ahead.

We stand by our values: Together, for better.

We stand with the people of Ukraine.