Client’s challenge

Olvi, a Finnish beverages company operating internationally, asked KPMG to advise them on how to manage and benefit from digitalization in order to boost growth and profitability. Olvi wished to successfully use digitalization to strengthen their internal efficiency and external competitiveness. The company also wanted to gain a better understanding of how its employees perceive the company’s digital capabilities and their relationship to business.

KPMG’s solution

KPMG supported Olvi in developing their digital strategy to support its growth plan. To understand what kind of changes would be required for Olvi to succeed in future competitive environments, a combined KPMG-Olvi team leveraged KPMG’s Connected Enterprise diagnostics, i.e. KPMG's approach to digital transformation, to analyze and identify the most lucrative areas for development. 

The Connected Enterprise diagnostic tool delivers capabilities that combine company data, processes, people and technology with customer expectations, and maximize value in the digital world. Together with sector insights and future development, the priorities are set for a future roadmap.

KPMG defined the key business opportunities and the related digital initiatives required to drive execution of Olvi’s business strategy.

Working together with Olvi, KPMG created a compelling digital strategy, accelerated the digital journey and identified the critical connected capabilities for Olvi to grow and thrive in the future.

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