The only permanent thing is change. We need to reinvent ourselves to grow and thrive. But where to start?

KPMG Connected – Powered - Trusted is the approach to shape your future by answering three main questions:

  • Connected: What does the future look like for your industry? Is your business future-ready and how can you accelerate the digital journey?
  • Powered: Don’t only change the technology solution. Implement the industry-leading best practices and processes at the same time and develop your people for new ways of working.
  • Trusted: Make sure you meet the demand from your customers and regulators. Ensure your compliance and strengthen your resilience by avoiding unnecessary risks.
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Engineer a different future

We help to determine how the industry sector, business functions, global markets and digital capabilities need to change. Every sector has a real opportunity to engineer a different future through accelerating their digital journey; unlocking new opportunities for growth, agility, innovation and resilience.

To help you with your transformation journey, we have brought together insights, tools and solutions that provide detailed paths to agility, resilience and profitable growth. Connected. Powered. Trusted.

Happy to help you. 

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Shape your Future

Find out more about Connected. Powered. Trusted.

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Connected. Powered. Trusted. starts by helping to ask the right questions:

Is your business prepared to meet evolving customer expectations?

Is every part of your business wired for digital success?

Are you leveraging the latest advances in technology to aid remote collaboration, segment crucial suppliers, and leverage predictive data?

Is your business prepared to respond effectively and adapt to unforeseen disruptions?

Have you built stakeholder trust across your business?

How to begin building a better future:

  1. Please download and read our thought leadership Shape your future (PDF 1.5 MB), which includes real-life examples.
  2. Catch up on our Future Of thinking for your particular business function or industry sector.
  3. Call or email us to start the conversation.

Annika Tanttinen is internationally experienced new business creator, transformative strategic leader with analytical mind, creativity and results-driven personality. Together with the experienced KPMG professionals we can help you to make the right choices for your organization.

Wherever you are in your digital journey, becoming a Connected. Powered. Trusted. enterprise allows you to move into this new reality with vision and confidence.


Let’s work together to shape your future.

Our proposition of Connected. Powered. Trusted. is a package of technologies, processes and a full spectrum of expertise. It’s also a way of working together, while acknowledging the real-world pitfalls of any transformation project. Read our client stories and thought leadership below.