KPMG Finland’s Global Mobility practice houses a diverse and experienced group of over 90 immigration and relocation specialists that are happy to provide guidance with a personal touch. Not only do we have colleagues from countries near Finland, such as Estonia, but we also have colleagues hailing from the United States, Australia, Switzerland, and other nations – reaching nearly 20 nationalities represented within our team. Our expertise reaches far, with our colleagues stemming from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Most of our advisors have also had professional and personal experiences that have carried them to other parts of the globe, so we have experienced firsthand some of the challenges that come with being mobile.

My Path to KPMG and Global Mobility

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to move to Finland to pursue a master’s degree at Hanken School of Economics. Although I had a rough idea of what was to come (considering this was not my first move abroad since I have also lived in France), the process of moving to a new country was still just as time-consuming.  From my residence permit getting lost in the mail to a lack of appointment availabilities to other missteps, I have gone through many of the challenges and struggles that you may face – although let’s hope no one else loses their permit!

Because of my experiences, I genuinely understand and can relate to many of the people I help on a daily basis. That, to me, is extremely rewarding and is what I believe makes consultants like myself and my colleagues able to understand our clients and customers. As an expat, I am no stranger to the stresses of moving to a foreign country – from having to open a bank account, find an apartment, and, not to mention, the actual immigration process and permits. During my adjustment period, I found comfort in situations where I felt that my experience was understood and appreciated.

I joined KPMG’s Global Mobility team approximately one and a half years ago, where I have been mostly assisting with the Immigration Coordination team as well as marketing activities. Prior to working as a Global Mobility Advisor, I grew up in the sunny state of Texas (USA). Coming from a diverse background, with parents of Ukrainian and Syrian origins, I grew up speaking multiple languages, traveling internationally, and learning about other cultures. In my current role, I have the opportunity to connect with our offices and providers worldwide, assist clients with maintaining a global workforce, and continuously further my cross-cultural competency and critical-thinking skills with an international team and company. 

How can we help?

Managing a global workforce can be demanding. Whether your company is considering expansion, relocating employees to a new country, or even conducting regular business trips, the need to consider the logistics of a workforce that transcends borders becomes inevitable. KPMG Finland is here to offer personalized services that help you and your employees ease such transitions and make your current immigration processes more efficient.

With our team of global mobility and tax advisors, we house expertise in a wide range of topics from immigration coordination and relocation services to tax and social security implications. Our immigration coordination team works with colleagues, authorities, and providers in various regions around the word including North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. For employees relocating to Finland, our advisors provide direct assistance with residence and work permit processes as well as common logistics related to moving (e.g. finding an apartment). In addition to our personalized services, we have developed various tools also available to clients for licensing, including our Immigration Expert application that allows users to easily generate a pre-assessment summary of the immigration requirements that may be needed for a specific destination and work situation.

If any of your employees might find themselves in a situation that would benefit from our support, one of our relocation team members would be happy to, for example, accompany you to necessary appointments and walk you through all the items and steps you need to consider when relocating. Having a provider can streamline your relocation processes, making the transition as smooth and straight-forward as possible for both the company and the employee. In cases where your organization is looking to expand, have an upcoming acquisition, or would like to improve current immigration processes to manage your workforce, our team provides a transparent and skilled approach to organize and streamline your global mobility-related activities (e.g. visa and permit processes).

This blog is written by global mobility expert Sophia Rahimeh.