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Q: Tell us what your role at KPMG is in 2 sentences?

My name is Kim Casén. I joined KPMG Finland in August 2021 as a senior manager and ServiceNow lead. Before KPMG, I have more than 10 years of experiences working with ServiceNow, both as a ServiceNow practice Lead and a ServiceNow customer within the retail sphere.

Q: ServiceNow, that sure sounds exciting, but for someone who’s never heard of the term how would you explain ServiceNow in a nutshell?

ServiceNow is a cloud platform for digitalization of workflows for different organizations – it’s also known for helping to automate tasks that are often done manually. 

Q: Can you give us an example regarding the benefits of KPMG harnessing ServiceNow from the business side, not only IT side?

Most significant difference between the ServiceNow approach from KPMG with other ServiceNow providers’ is that, for instance, within Enterprise Risk Management, there are so many things you need to arrange in your organization before you want to implement a tool like ServiceNow. The technical tool implementation is just a small part of a successful transformation journey, the most challenging part is the organizational change management.

It’s been recognized that organizations that use KPMG Powered Enterprise transformation assets can expect lower risk, higher value, and a thorough implementation that aligns how employees interact with internal organizations, achieve better functional performance and new ways of working.

Q: Did you get any feedback from the client for using ServiceNow in this context?

Customers are rather impressed by our skills, particularly the business skills that come with the KPMG ServiceNow package. Furthermore, we – at KPMG always opt to take the holistic approach when stepping into a ServiceNow transformation project for clients, meaning looking at things from various business aspects, such as change or risk management.

And this is precisely what I find most fascinating about our KPMG’s global capabilities, especially when the conversations about risk management or change management within a ServiceNow project take place, we usually have matching capabilities from our side with the client’s, meaning HR, Risk or Cyber security consulting professionals, to really listen to the client and make the most of the conversations. 

Q: So, could you summarize the top 3 reasons why companies should invest in ServiceNow?

— It’s simple to integrate common existing business applications into ServiceNow because it’s a unified platform to ensure a smooth and frictionless user experience, not only for your employees but also for your customers.

— And since it’s easy to integrate existing ERP enterprise systems into with ServiceNow platform, organizations can automate and run cross-functional processes and make daily tasks more efficient, improve user experience and make the work environment more fun.

— ServiceNow platform is many things, not simply an IT ticketing tool – several business-friendly tools available in the ServiceNow platforms include field service management, finance service management, HR service management, etc. 

Q: How do you apply ServiceNow in your personal life?

There are two things that ServiceNow has enriched my personal life: first is the ability to keep on learning and exploring - since ServiceNow is such a powerful tool and can be utilized across various business functions. And secondly, it’s the people aspect - through the ServiceNow Aacademy concept that I was part of establishing here in Finland, I’ve got a chance to meet, interact and be inspired by lots of young and bright university students with non-IT backgrounds, getting excited about ServiceNow and its prospective career opportunities.

Getting to know Kim:

Favorite book: “Red notice” by Bill Browder

Person you admire:
My wife

Favorite place on Earth:
The summer cottage

Song you never get tired of:
“Love will tear us apart” by Joy Division

Favorite free-time activity:  
Boating in the Finnish archipelago, out in the forest with our dog & cooking  

Best advice you’ve received:
Treat others as you want to be treated

Best advice you’ve given: 
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, just go for it!

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